„holy typos“

rogue editions of the bible
printers‘ errors and unusual translations have led to a number of versions of the bible gaining nicknames. these are some of the better known:
breeches bible: the 1560 edition of the geneva bible with ‚breeches‘ for ‚aprons‘ in genesis 3:7. this translation also occurred in wycliff’s bible.
printers‘ bible: with ‚printers‘ for ‚princes‘ in psalm 119:161, producing the, for the publishers, finely appropriate sentence: ‚printers have persecuted me without a cause‘.
vinegar bible: 1717 edition with a running title for luke 22 reading ‚the parable of the vinegar‘ for ‚vineyard‘
wicked bible: 1632 edition where the seventh commandment reads: ‚thou shalt commit adultery.‘


aus: riches, john (2000): the bible. a very short introduction. oxford: oxford university press. (= very short introductions. 14.) [vgl. auch hier :)]

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